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Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 6 Buyout Online Watch Free

About The Series: Breaking Bad, an American television drama series created by Vince Gilligan, premiered on January 20, 2008 on the cable network AMC in the United States.The first seven-episode season ended on March 9, 2008. The second 13-episode season premiered on March 8, 2009 and concluded on May 31, 2009. The third 13-episode season premiered on March 21, 2010 and concluded on June 13, 2010. The fourth 13-episode season premiered on July 17, 2011.The fifth and final season  premiered on July 15, 2012, with the season being split into two eight-episode parts. Breaking Bad revolves around 50-year old high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After Walter is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he turns to a criminal life, and starts producing and selling crystal meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in order to secure his family's (Anna Gunn, RJ Mitte) financial future. Informed he has terminal cancer, an underachieving chemistry genius turned high school chemistry teacher turns to using his expertise in chemistry to provide a legacy for his family...Bryan Cranston has hinted that the series may continue after the season 5 finale, stating "Vince (Gilligan) feels that now we have too much story. We could actually go beyond those 16 episodes. It's not far-fetched. I wouldn't mind visiting that possibility. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't know anything of how the show's going to end. If it doesn't end up in a total apocalypse, who knows? Maybe we could revisit Walter White a year down the road and see where his life has gone. If he's still alive, that is.The season will be split into two parts, each consisting of 8 episodes. The first half premiered on July 15, 2012, with a plot based around reviving the meth cooking and dealing. The second half of the split season is said to be premiering in summer 2013......Bryan Cranston stars in this drama focused on a mid-life crisis gone bad for an underachieving high school chemistry teacher (Walter White), who becomes a drug dealer after he discovers that he has lung cancer. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to gain financial security for his family, Walter White joins forces with an old student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), in a quest that follows their entry into a dangerous world of drugs and crime.

Episode Summary:
Walt, Jesse and Mike distress over the future of their business; occupational hazards weigh heavily on Jesse.

Main Cast And Crew
Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul,
RJ Mitte ,RJ Mitte,Betsy Brandt,
Bob Odenkirk,Giancarlo Esposito
Creator: Vince Gilligan
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM  AMC Network
Release date: 20 January 2008 (USA)
Genres: Crime, Drama
Runtime: 45 min
Production Co: Sony Pictures Television
Country: USA
Language: English | Romanian
Also Known As: В обувките на Сатаната
Filming Locations: Albuquerque Studios - 5650
University Boulevard SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

True Blood Season 5, Episode 11 Sunset Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: True Blood is an American television series created and produced by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in the state of Louisiana. The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress with an other-worldly quality.The show is broadcast on the premium cable network HBO in the United States. It is produced by HBO in association with Ball's production company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment.It premiered on September 7, 2008. The series has received critical acclaim and won several awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Season 2 premiered on June 14, 2009; and Season 3 on June 13, 2010. On June 21, 2010, HBO renewed True Blood for a fourth season, which aired June 26, 2011.On August 11, 2011, HBO announced that True Blood had been renewed for a fifth season of 12 episodes, premiering on June 10, 2012.Alan Ball signed a multi-year contract with HBO in July 2011, but only agreed to produce the show for the fifth season. After the season five finale, he'll leave his position as showrunner.The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires 'came out of the coffin' on national television......The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires 'came out of the coffin' on national television.

Episode Summary:
Sookie probes an ancient family secret with help from a faerie elder; Jessica is an unwilling participant in Bill's ongoing religious conversion; Alcide reconnects with his father; the military uses a video of Russell and Steve Newlin as ammunition; Sam and Luna hitch a ride into the Authority.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer,Sam Trammell,Ryan Kwanten,
Rutina Wesley, Chris Bauer,Nelsan Ellis And Others
Creator: Alan Ball
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
9:00 PM  On HBO Network
Release date: 7 September 2008 (USA)
Episode Director: Daniel Attias  
Episode Writer: Raelle Tucker
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance,Mystery, Thriller
Runtime: USA: 60 min
Production Co: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment,
Home Box Office (HBO)
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Настоящая кровь
Filming Locations: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 14 Tales From the Kardashian Krypt Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Keeping Up with the Kardashians is an American reality television series.The series premiered on E! in October 2007.It has focused on the personal and professional lives of members of the Kardashian and Jenner family, headed by Kris Jenner and her husband, Bruce Jenner, with their children and close friends which includes Kardashian sisters (fashion models), Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian, and their younger brother Rob Kardashian, plus the Jenner sisters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner (also models). As of September 2011, six seasons of the TV series have aired. The success of the series has led to a number of spin-offs, including Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and Khloé & Lamar.On April 24, 2012, E! signed a new three year deal with the Kardashian family that will keep the series on the air through the ninth season.The seventh season of Keeping up with the Kardashians will premiere on May 20, 2012......A peek inside the private family life of twenty-something socialite Kim Kardashian, the daughter of the late L.A. power attorney Robert Kardashian. A tempest of siblings, business and fame engulf Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and paparazzi fave Kim Kardashian as their huge Hollywood families collide.

Episode Summary:
Kris makes arrangements for her funeral; Kim learns that Khloe is her nephew's guardian.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Bruce Jenner,
Kris Jenner,Kendall Jenner,Kim Kardashian,Kylie Jenner
Creators: Ryan Seacrest, Eliot Goldberg
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
9:00 PM E! Network
Release date:14 October 2007 (USA)
Genre: Reality-TV, Celebrities
Runningtime:1 hour
Camera setup: Multiple cameras
Executive producers: Eliot Goldberg, Jeff Jenkins
Farnaz Farjam-Chazan, Jonathan Murray
Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest
Production Co: Bunim-Murray Productions (BMP),
Ryan Seacrest Productions
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Ston kosmo ton Kardashians
Filming Locations: Calabasas, California, USA

Weeds Season 8, Episode 8 Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: The American comedy-drama television series Weeds was created by Jenji Kohan and airs on premium cable channel Showtime.Mary-Louise Parker stars as Nancy Botwin, a suburban widow who begins selling marijuana to support her family. Elizabeth Perkins also starred as Nancy's neighbor, Celia Hodes, a demanding PTA mother.This series is a single-camera comedy about a single mother who makes ends meet by selling marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The series exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the of this gated community. Mary Louise Parker stars as the suburban mom who resorts to selling weed to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies.Nancy uses Doug's softball game with the company team to sell weed on the sidelines. In the meantime, Andy and Silas open their bike and weed shop........This series is a single-camera comedy about a single mother who makes ends meet by selling marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The series exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the of this gated community. Mary Louise Parker stars as the suburban mom who resorts to selling weed to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies.

After her husband's unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. As it seems like everyone secretly wants what she's selling -- even city councilman Doug Wilson (Nealon) -- Nancy is faced with keeping her family life in check and her enterprise a secret from her neighbor/pseudo-friend/PTA president, Celia Hodes (Perkins).

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish.
Alexander Gould,Kevin Nealon,Justin Kirk
Creator: Jenji Kohan
Episode Air date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On Showtime Network
Release date:7 August 2005 (USA)
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Runtime: 30 min
Production Co: Lions Gate Television,
Tilted Productions, Weeds Productions
Country: USA
Language: English, Spanish
Also Known As: Ierburi
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Falling Skies Season 2, Episode 10 A More Perfect Union Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Falling Skies is an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Robert Rodat and produced by Steven Spielberg. Set six months into a world devastated by an alien invasion, the series stars Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, a former Boston University history professor who becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of civilians and fighters fleeing post-apocalyptic Boston.The series is broadcast in the United States on the cable channel TNT, and is a production of DreamWorks Television. It premiered on June 19, 2011,and has completed its first season. A second season of 10 episodes will premiere on June 17, 2012......The chaotic aftermath of an alien attack has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the six months since the initial invasion, the few survivors have banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back. Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also engaging in an insurgency campaign against the occupying alien force. FALLING SKIES focuses on the resilience of the survivors and their determination to maintain their humanity when all else has been destroyed. It is a tale of endurance, commitment and courage in which everyday people are called upon to become heroes. They may be outmatched, outnumbered and outgunned, but nothing can beat the human spirit. Most of all, the series is about the ties that bind people together in the most difficult of circumstances.

Episode Summary:
When skitters approach the newly combined resistance force, the groups’ interaction surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Tom finds out life-changing news just as the 2nd Mass comes face-to-face with their most dangerous threat to date.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Colin Cunningham, Maxim Knight,
Noah Wyle,Moon Bloodgood,Drew Roy,Seychelle Gabriel,
Peter Shinkoda,Mpho Koaho And Others
Creator: Robert Rodat
Episode Air date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
9:00 PM On TNT Network
Release date: 19 June 2011 (USA)
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama
Running time: 45 minutes
Cinematography: Christopher Faloona, Nate Goodman
Camera setup: Single camera
Producers: John Ryan, Noah Wyle
Editors: Donn Aron, Jon Koslowsky
Executive producers: Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey
Production Co: DreamWorks Television, Invasion Productions
Country: USA, Canada
Language: English
Filming Locations: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Newsroom Season 1, Episode 9 The Blackout, Part 2: Mock Debate Online Watch Free

Show Gel Info: The Newsroom is an American drama television series created and primarily written by Aaron Sorkin that premiered on HBO on June 24, 2012.The series chronicles the behind-the-scenes events at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel. It features an ensemble cast including Jeff Daniels as anchor Will McAvoy, who, together with his staff set out to put on a news show "in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles and their own personal entanglements.". The Newsroom is the HBO drama series created by Aaron Sorkin which tells the stories of the workings of a fictional cable news channel and all of the people who work there. The Emmy-Award winning Sorkin has been behind shows like The West Wing and movies like The Social Network, and researched real-world cable news programs first hand. The show centers around anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), and the cast also includes Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski.In January 2011, HBO ordered a pilot with the working title More as This Story Develops.The Social Network's Scott Rudin signed on as executive producer. Rudin's only previous television work was the 1996 spinoff series Clueless.By June, Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, Olivia Munn, and Dev Patel were cast, while Greg Mottola had signed on to direct the pilot. The pilot script was later reportedly obtained by several news outlets. On September 8, 2011, HBO ordered a full series starting with an initial 10-episode run with a premiere date set for summer 2012. A day after the second episode aired, HBO renewed the series for a second season.......From the mind of Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and screenwriter of The Social Network and Moneyball, comes "The Newsroom", a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make a nightly cable-news program. Focusing on a network anchor (played by Jeff Daniels), his new executive producer (Emily Mortimer), the newsroom staff (John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Olivia Munn, Dev Patel) and their boss (Sam Waterston), the series tracks their quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles-not to mention their own personal entanglements.

Episode Summary:
The "News Night" staff host a mock debate for two Republican Party officials; a power outage energizes Mac's thought process; Charlie evaluates an intelligence-agency insider's reliability; Lisa does an on-air interview; Neal poses as an Internet troll.

Main Cast And Crew
Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher,
Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski,
Dev Patel, Olivia Munn, Sam Waterston
Created by: Aaron Sorkin
Episode Air date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On HBO Network
Release date: 24 June 2012 (USA)
Genre: Drama
Running time: 60 minutes
Executive producers: Aaron Sorkin,
Scott Rudin, Alan Poul
Cinematography: Todd McMullen
Camera setup: Single-camera
Theme music composer: Thomas Newman
Composer: Alex Wurman
Country of origin: United States
Language: English

Drop Dead Diva Season 4, Episode 11 Family Matters Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Drop Dead Diva is an American legal comedy-drama/fantasy television series that debuted on Lifetime on July 12, 2009.The hour-long series, which was created by Josh Berman, is produced by Sony Pictures Television.The series stars Brooke Elliott as Jane, a plus size woman whose body is inhabited by the soul of a fashion model.On September 22, 2011, Drop Dead Diva was renewed for a fourth season, which premiered on June 3, 2012.The series revolves around a blonde vapid aspiring model, Deborah "Deb" Dobkins (played by Brooke D'Orsay), who is killed in a car crash on the way to an audition for The Price Is Right. As her soul enters the gates of Heaven she finds herself being judged by a gatekeeper named Fred (Ben Feldman). He declared her a "zero-zero", she has performed zero good deeds and zero bad acts during her time on earth due to her shallowness.......A vapid aspiring model killed in a car crash gets brought back to life as an intelligent, overweight lawyer, hoping to find the meaning of inner beauty.

Episode Summary:
Jane represents the mother of a teen girl who was placed on life support after attending a rave. Meanwhile, Grayson and Kim take a case involving a gay sperm donor; and Teri and Luke pretend to be Jane and Owen at a wedding-menu tasting with a celebrity caterer.

Main Cast And Crew
Brooke Elliott, Kate Levering, April Bowlby,Margaret Cho,
Jackson Hurst, Josh Stamberg,Ben Feldman
Creator: Josh Berman
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
9:00 PM On Lifetime Network
Release date: 12 July 2009 (USA)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: USA: 60 min
Production Co: Storyline Entertainment,
Sony Pictures Television
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Diva za umret
Filming Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Leverage Season 5, Episode 5 The Gimme a K Steet Job Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Leverage is an American television drama series on TNT that premiered in December 2008. The series is produced by director/executive producer Dean Devlin's production company Electric Television. Leverage follows a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker and a retrieval specialist, headed up by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their skills to right corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.The first season of Leverage consists of 13 episodes, which writers John Rogers and Chris Downey and producer Dean Devlin intended to be a complete story should the series not be renewed. The second season, for which production moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, ran in two parts: a nine-episode summer season which premiered on July 15, 2009, followed by a further six episodes the following winter. Leverage moved to Sunday for its third season, which began June 20, 2010.Leverage was renewed for a fourth season in July, 2010. It premiered on June 26, 2011, and will run 18 episodes, ten in the summer and eight in the winter. The continuation of season four will return on Sunday November 27, 2011 at 9pm EST on TNT.On August 12, 2011, Leverage was renewed for a fifth season.......Former insurance agency investigator Nathan Ford heads a team of former top-criminals. They handle 'unorthodox' cases of people unlikely to get their dues through regular channels and legal procedures......"Get ready to get even." Meet Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator who spent his professional career dedicated to the company that he recovered millions in stolen goods for. This same insurance company would refuse a medical claim for his son that would take the life of the innocent child. Unemployed and teetering on the edge, Nate is approached about a Robin Hood-like scheme. He enlists the help of the best thieves and grifters in the business, and with their help, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor to help balance the crooks in high power positions. He and his team help provide...leverage. Leverage is produced by Electric Entertainment.

Episode Summary:
To take down a competitive cheerleading company that profits by putting teenage girls at risk, the team must tackle its most corrupt foe yet: Congress.

Main Cast and Crew
Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman and Christian Kane
Creators: John Rogers, Chris Downey
Episode Air date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
9:00 PM On TNT Network
Release date: 7 December 2008 (USA)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime: USA: 60 min
Production Co: Electric Entertainment
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Dokonalý podraz
Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Army Wives Season 6, Episode 21 Handicap Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Army Wives is an American drama series that follows the lives of four army wives, their families, and an Army husband whose wife is in the Army. The series, shot at ABC Studios, premiered on Lifetime on June 3, 2007. The show had the largest series premiere in Lifetime's 23-year history, and the largest viewership in the 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm time slot since December for Lifetime.Based on the non-fiction book originally titled Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives, by Tanya Biank, the series is set at fictional Fort Marshall, at the old Charleston Naval Base, in North Charleston, South Carolina, home to the also fictional 23rd Airborne Division. The show itself is filmed in various locations such as the Charleston Air Force Base and the sound stage off Dorchester Road in the City of North Charleston. Some scenes have been shot in and around the City of Charleston. Fort Marshall is presumably based on the actual 82nd Airborne Division based at Fort Bragg.In the pilot episode of Army Wives, "A Tribe is Born," Roxy (Sally Pressman) impetuously decides to marry Private First Class Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) and moves with her two children to his Army post. Floundering in her new life as an Army wife, she takes a job as a bartender at a local joint known for being a Jody bar (where civilian men go to hit on enlisted men's wives). While on the post, Roxy meets Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney), who believes that her husband Col. Michael Holden's (Brian McNamara) promotion did not come through because of base politics. Another Army wife,.......Four women and one man share the common bond of loving someone in the U.S. Army....About a woman who marries a soldier and moves her family onto an Army base, where she becomes friends with other women whose husbands are in the military.

Episode Summary:
Kevin is forced to return home, and he takes his frustration out on Jackie. Meanwhile, Roland treats Marcus without telling Joan; and Trevor gets new orders.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Wendy Davis, Kim Delaney and Sally Pressman
Created by: Katherine Fugate
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On Lifetime Network
Release date: 3 June 2007
Genre: Drama
Runtime:USA: 60 min (including commercials)
Production Co: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon Company,
The, Lifetime Television
Country: USA
Language: English
Release year: 2007 (USA)
Also Known As: American wives
Filming Locations: Charleston Air Force Base, North Charleston,
South Carolina, USA

Hell on Wheels Season 2, Episode 2 Durant, Nebraska Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Hell on Wheels is an American dramatic television series created and produced by Joe and Tony Gayton.On November 8, 2011, co-creator Joe Gayton spoke of the series' origins. "We started talking and remembered this story, American Experience, which was this really great documentary, and I thought, 'God, that’s great.I just learned a bunch of stuff I had never learned before.' You just have this cursory information that the Chinese and the Irish built the railroad, but it got in underneath all the dirt and stuff that went on, with the financing of it, and the greed and corruption. And then, I heard about this Hell on Wheels place and I went,'What a great setting for a western.' So, we pitched that to Jeremy Gold and ended up taking it to AMC, and they loved it," he said.Hell on Wheels was created by Joe and Tony Gayton in late 2008, at which point Endemol USA came onboard to develop the series for AMC. The series was developed by Endemol USA's scripted television division, headed by senior vice president of original programming Jeremy Gold. On May 18, 2010, after having been in development at Endemol USA for almost two years, AMC placed a pilot order for Hell on Wheels.Joe and Tony Gayton wrote the pilot, David Von Ancken was attached to the project as director, with Jeremy Gold, Joe Gayton and Tony Gayton serving as executive producers. On July 6, 2010, Endemol USA announced that they had entered into a partnership with Entertainment One, who would serve as the production studio on the project...Hell on Wheels is a contemporary Western that centers on former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), whose quest for vengeance has led him to the Union Pacific Railroad's westward construction of the first transcontinental railroad.In a post-Civil War America, Cullen sets out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who have killed his wife. His journey takes him west to Hell on Wheels, a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town that travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, an engineering feat unprecedented for its time. The series documents the railroad's engineering and construction as well as institutionalized greed and corruption, the immigrant experience, and the plight of newly emancipated African-Americans during Reconstruction. Hell on Wheels chronicles this potent turning point in our nation's history and how uncivilized the business of civilization can be.,,,,,,Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. Men will be ruined.

Set in the 1860s it centers on former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannan, whose quest for vengeance has led him to the Union Pacific Railroad's westward construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad..Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. Men will be ruined.

Main Cast and Crew
Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common,
Dominique McElligott, Tom Noonan And Others
Created by: Joe Gayton, Tony Gayton
Epidode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On AMC Network
Release Date: 6 November 2011
Genres: Western, Drama
Runtime: 43 minutes
Developed by: Endemol USA
Production Co: E1 Entertainment,
Endemol Entertainment UK, H.O.W. Productions
Country: Canada | UK
Language: English
Filming Locations: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Black Dynamite Season 1, Episode 6 Elvis Was A Hero To Most or Weekend At Presley's AKA The Sh*t That Killed The King Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Black Dynamite is an animated television series based on the 2009 film of the same name.The series was announced shortly after the release of the film, the 10-minute pilot episode was released on Adult Swim Video on August 8, 2011, and the full series premiered on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim, on July 15, 2012. Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Tommy Davidson and Kym Whitley reprise their film roles as Black Dynamite, Bullhorn, Cream Corn and Honeybee, respectively. Black Dyna­mite, the ani­mated series, is being pro­duced by Ars Nova. Jon Stein­gart, Carl Jones and Jil­lian Apfel­baum are exec­u­tive pro­duc­ers. Brian Ash is co-executive pro­ducer. Scott Sanders, White and Minns are pro­duc­ers. Mon­ica Jones is asso­ciate pro­ducer. LeSean Thomas is cre­ative producer/supervising direc­tor. Orig­i­nal music is by Adrian Younge. Black Dyna­mite is being ani­mated by Tit­mouse, Inc.Like the movie, the show is predominantly a parody of and tribute to blaxploitation cinema......Bust out your best polyester pants suit, because Black Dynamite is about to explode on the scene in 1970s Los Angeles. Based on 2009's critically-acclaimed feature film, the Black Dynamite animated series further chronicles the exploits of the central character, Black Dynamite, and his crew. Under the direction of Carl Jones (The Boondocks), the series features the voice talent of Michael Jai White (For Better or Worse, The Dark Knight, Why Did I Get Married?), Tommy Davidson (In Living Color, Bamboozled), Kym Whitley (The Cleveland Show, Brian McKnight Show), and Byron Minns (Mongo Wrestling Alliance), all of whom starred in the feature film.

Episode Summary:
Elvis is revealed as a spy with a mission to destroy the black community.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Carlos Alazraqui, Liz Benoit and Corey Burton
Voices of: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Tommy Davidson,Kym Whitley
Created by: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Scott Sanders
Directed by: LeSean Thomas, Nathan Clesowich,
Carl Jones, Kalvin Lee, Juno Lee, Justin Ridge, Young Ki Yoon
Writer: Brian Ash
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
11:30 PM  Adult Swim Network
Release date:15 July 2012 (USA)
Genre: Animation, Action, Drama
Running time: 22 minutes
Theme music composer: Adrian Younge
Executive producers: Jon Steingart, Carl Jones, Jillian Apfelbaum, Brian Ash
Producers: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Scott Sanders
Editor: Felipe Salazar
Production company: Ars Nova Entertainment, Titmouse, Inc.
Country of origin: United States

Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1, Episode 18 Damage Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Ultimate Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the superhero character published by Marvel Comics and written by Brian Bendis, Paul Dini, and Man of Action (a group consisting of Steven T. Seagle, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, and Duncan Rouleau).Based on the Spider-Man comics, and incorporating elements of Marvel's Ultimate line of books, the series was first announced to air on Disney XD in early 2012.Ultimate Spider-Man debuted alongside The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes's second season as part of the Marvel Universe programming block on April 1, 2012.Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini will be serving as writers and producers on the show......"Ultimate Spider-Man" will be a unique journey exploring our favorite web-slinger as he teams up with other fan favorite Marvel Super Heroes in never before seen stories with a new life filled with great challenges, new friends, intense action and character growth. Ultimate Spider-Man will tell a coming of age story, where hapless Peter Parker evolves from a naive teen hotshot to a true hero who comes to terms with his origins and abilities. As the storyline begins, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for just one year. He has fought villains, saved lives, but still has much to learn about being a super-hero. Now, Nick Fury gives Peter the chance to go to the next level to train to be a real super-hero and become The Ultimate Spider-Man. But before he can do that, Peter will have to learn how to work with a team of fellow teenage super-heroes. Along the way, he will have to navigate challenging relationships with mentors and super-colleagues, and emerge with a better understanding of his parents' legacy and his own destiny.

Episode Summary:
When Spider-Man and his fellow teenage super heroes cause too much damage in a super villain fight, Nick Fury assigns them to work with the super clean up company, Damage Control, but Spidey's clean up duty uncovers a villainous mystery.

Main Cast And Crew
Voices Of Stars: Drake Bell, Misty Lee and J.K. Simmons
Created by: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
Developed by: Marvel Animation
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Paul Dini, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Kelly
Joe Casey, Duncan Rouleau
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug  2012
11:00 AM On Disney XD Network
Release date: 1 April 2012 (USA)
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family
Production Co: Film Roman Productions, Marvel Animation
Country: USA
Language: English

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2, Episode 16 Ultron Unlimited Online Watch Free

About The Series: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is an American animated television series by Marvel Animation in cooperation with Film Roman based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers.The show debuted on Disney XD in Fall 2010 starting with a 20 part micro-series.Marvel Entertainment, LLC and Disney XD announced that a "new Marvel Universe" programming block named Marvel Universe which includes Season 2 of Avengers and the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series that began broadcasting in April 2012.The series initially features a team based on the roster for the original Avengers, composed of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor, and the Wasp.....This animated series follows the adventures of the infamous Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, primarily consisting of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Ant Man and Wasp, as they team up to save the world from dangers far too great for one superhero to handle alone.

Episode Summary:
The Avengers are attacked by robotic versions of themselves as part of Ultron's plan to replace humanity. One by one, each team member is captured until Captain America stands alone against Ultron and his synthezoid Avengers.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Eric Loomis, Colleen O'Shaughnessey and Fred Tatasciore
Writers: Mark Parsons (2010), Caroline Farah
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
11:30 AM On Disney XD Network
Release date: 20 October 2010 (USA)
Genre: Animation
Runtime: USA: 30 min
Production Co: Film Roman Productions,
Marvel Animation
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Avengers: L'équipe des super héros

The Great Escape Season 1, Episode 8 Escape from the Swamp Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: The Great Escape is a reality television series on TNT that premiered on June 24, 2012, at 10:00 pm EDT.The competition series, hosted by Rich Eisen, features three two-person teams each week who are dropped "into the middle of their own epic action/adventure movie" and competing for a cash prize.The show is produced by Imagine Entertainment directors Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and The Amazing Race producers, Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri.TNT ordered a pilot episode of The Great Escape from Imagine Entertainment in November 2010, with both Ron Howard and Brian Grazer serving as executive producers, and was considered an initial foray into the reality television market for the network. Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri, the creators of The Amazing Race, were added as executive producers in mid-2011, prior to casting and filming of the pilot. Subsequently, in January 2012, TNT announced that it has greenlit ten episodes of The Great Escape, stating that the program has "all the heart-pounding excitement and nail-biting suspense of a summer popcorn movie"......This fast-paced, nail-biting competition series drops ordinary people into the middle of their own epic action/adventure movie. Each week, Rich Eisen (NFL Total Access) hosts as teams of competitors try to find their way out of seemingly impossible situations for a chance to take home a cash prize.

Episode Summary:
Three teams try to escape from a Louisiana swamp while connected to a ball and chain.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Rich Eisen, Dustin Dennard, Xango Henry,Lee Reherman,
Created by: Justin Hochberg, Charlie Ebersol
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM TNT Network
Release date: 24 June 2012 (USA)
Genre: Reality-TV, Action, Adventure
Runtime: 60 min
Presented by: Rich Eisen
Executive producers:Ron Howard, Brian Grazer,
Francie Calfo, Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster
Production Co: Fox Television Studios,
Imagine Entertainment, Profiles Television Productions
Country: USA
Language: English

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4, Episode 16 Whine Country Online Watch Free

Show Genl Info: The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a reality television program on the Bravo network which originally followed the lives of five women in and around several upscale communities in Northern New Jersey.It is the network's fourth installation of The Real Housewives series, following The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.At the time of its airing, part 1 of the series' second season reunion had the highest-rated episode ever out of the entire franchise.On April 13, 2011 it was announced that the third season of the series will premiere on May 16, 2011, at 9pm on Bravo, for a 90 minute episode. Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile are the newest housewives that were added. On June 7, 2011 Bravo renewed the series for a fourth season due to its record breaking ratings, and it has already begun filming.The third season opener had the highest rated season premiere ever for the network, and the highest rated season premiere within the franchise. July 10, 2011 To September 11, 2011. On 7th August 2011 Bravo renewed the series for a fourth season due to its record breaking ratings......The popular Bravo franchise is back, and this time it's in New Jersey! Get ready to see how five of Jersey's most affluent ladies live. Season 3 is all about family as Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, and her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Laurita, all return and welcome new housewives Melissa Gorga, Teresa's sister-in-law, and Kathy Wakile, Teresa's first cousin. The drama picks up where last season left off when holidays are celebrated, children leave the nest and tensions run high between housewives.

Episode Summary:
The Garden State gang's getaway on the West Coast continues with a visit to Napa Valley, Cal., for a business meeting at a vineyard, but too much misbehavior could destroy the deal. Meanwhile, Teresa receives a shock-and-awe phone call that could alter her life for good.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer,Jill Zarin,
Kelly Bensimon, Bethenny Frankel,
Simon van Kempen,Bobby Zarin,Mario Singer
Production Co: Ricochet Television
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM Bravo Network
Release date:4 March 2008 (USA)
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: The Real Housewives of NYC
Filming Locations: 21 Club - 21 West 52nd Street,
Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Political Animals Season 1, Episode 6 Resignation Day Online Watch Free

About The Series:Political Animals is a six episode American miniseries created by Greg Berlanti and Laurence Mark. The series premiered in the United States on USA Network on July 15, 2012, and will air Sundays at 10/9c.Sigourney Weaver portrays Elaine Barrish, a divorced former First Lady and Governor of Illinois, as well as the current Secretary of State. While the lead character does have some similarities to Hillary Clinton, Weaver has said in interviews that the show is "very much about families who have been in the White House and the price they've paid for being in the White House and the fact that families who have been in the White House often try to get back in the White House or continue to try and get in the White House."On January 30, 2012, USA Network announced the development of a six-hour series to focus on a former First Family.They simultaneously announced that the pilot would be written and directed by Greg Berlanti, who would executive produce the series with Laurence Mark. Sarah Caplan was later announced to be executive producing as well. Ann Roth served as Weaver's costume designer for the first episode. James Wolk was the first actor to be cast; it was announced on February 10, 2012, that he would be portraying Douglas Hammond, the son of Elaine Barrish........Divorced former First Lady Elaine Barrish is currently serving as the Secretary of State. She finds an unlikely ally in a D.C. journalist who had previously dedicated herself to tearing Barrish to pieces. "Political Animals" is USA Network's highly anticipated Limited Series Event that pulls back the curtain on the polished facade of a former first-family as they navigate the complex world of political and personal ambition. Sigourney Weaver stars as former first lady and current Secretary of State Elaine Barrish Hammond who is attempting to keep her family together while simultaneously dealing with crises of the State Department and fending off the hungry DC journalist (Carla Gugino) who is bent on destroying her career. Exploring themes that resonate in the current political landscape and taking viewers beyond the glossy ads and well-written public speeches, POLITICAL ANIMALS will reveal a vulnerable family on the verge of falling apart.

Episode Summary:
In the Season 1 finale, Elaine's plan to resign hits a snag and her resignation letter leaks to the press. Elsewhere, Douglas confesses his betrayal and makes a rash decision; and a surprising event leaves everyone at a crossroads.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Sebastian Stan and Carla Gugino
Creator: Greg Berlanti
Episode Air Date: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On USA Network
Release date: 15 July 2012 (USA)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 360 min
Executive producers: Greg Berlanti
Laurence Mark, Sarah Caplan
Production Co: Berlanti Productions,
Berlanti Television, Laurence Mark Productions
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 22 The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien with two hearts known as the Doctor.He explores the universe in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), a sentient, telepathic time-and-space-travel machine that flies through the time vortex. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, a common sight in 1963, when the series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilisations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs.The show has received recognition from critics and the public as one of the finest British television programmes, including the 2006 British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series and five consecutive (2005–10) wins at the National Television Awards under Russell T Davies' reign as Executive Producer. In 2011, Matt Smith became the first Doctor to be nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The programme is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world.Doctor Who was ranked third in a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century, produced by the British Film Institute and voted on by industry professionals......Travelling through time and space in his TARDIS, the Doctor battles aliens and monsters who are intent on mayhem and destruction. He is joined on his adventures by a number of companions.

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions. The continuing adventures of The Doctor, an alien time traveler - a Time Lord - from Gallifrey. Together with his companions they travel through time and space in the TARDIS, battling evil where they find it.

by Neil (United Kingdom)
As a child I used to love the Dr Who series and apparently I used to hide behind the sofa whenever the Daleks appeared. I think it must have been the voice. But over time the whole idea lost so much of its charm that it became a real pain to watch. Well all that has changed, Every nostalgic moment I ever had about the doctor has come flooding back with this highly enjoyable reanimation of a childhood favourite, even though I am now well into my thirties.Christopher Eccleston is great in the lead and Billy Piper makes the archetypal sidekick. This new incarnation is full of the humour and tongue in cheek appeal that I hoped it would be. I just hope it keeps going as it started.I have to give this a ten even if it's just because it's filmed in my home town of Cardiff, If not for the fact that is gives me a glimmer of what I liked in this series from when I was a very small child. Thanks to everyone involved and keep it coming.

Main Cast And Crew
David Tennant, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan
With Various companions
(currently Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill)
Created by: Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson
Directed by:Various
Episode Air Date: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
2:00 PM On BBC ONE (UK) Network
Release date: 26 March 2005 (USA)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Running time: 45 minutes
Theme music composer: Ron Grainer,Delia Derbyshire
Opening theme: Doctor Who theme music
Composer: Various composers (currently Murray Gold)
Executive producer(s) Various
(currently Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner)
Camera setup Single/Multi-Camera hybrid
Country: UK
Language: English

Pokemon Season 15, Episode 27 A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 1) Online Watch Free

About The Series: Pokemon is a children's TV anime series, which has since been adapted for the North and South American, Australian and European television markets.It is based on the Pokémon video game series and a part of the Pokémon franchise.....The Pokémon metaseries is split up into four chronologically sequential series in Japan, split up by the version of the video game series the anime takes inspiration from: the original series (split up into the Orange Islands and Gold-Silver sub-chapters), the Advanced Generation series, the Diamond & Pearl series, and currently the Best Wishes! series which started its Season 2 chapter in June 2012. In the international broadcasts, these four series are split into 15 separate seasons......Ten-year-old Ash aspires to be the greatest Pokemon (pocket monster) trainer in the world. To do this, he enlists in the help of two friends, Misty and Brock,and his own Pokemon, Pikachu. Together, they must search their world for all 150 Pokemon, while avoiding the likes of Team Rocket and their Pokemon, Meowth.

Episode Summary:
While journeying to Icirrus City, Ash and friends are put in danger when Axew is kidnapped by a wild Durant. They must now go deep into Durant's nest in order to get Axew back.

Main Cast and Crew
Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart,
Directed by: Masamitsu Hidaka, Norihiko Sudō
Rachael Lillis, Veronica Taylor And Others
Episode Air On: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
09:30 AM On Cartoon Network
Release Date: 8 September 1998
Written by: Takeshi Shudō, Hideki Sonoda, Junki Takegami
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
Production Co: Pokémon USA, 4 Kids Entertainment, Nintendo
Country: Japan
Language: English
Also Known As: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles

How to Rock Season 1, Episode 16 How to Rock Cee Lo Online Watch Free

About The Show: How to Rock is a television sitcom that is currently airing on Nickelodeon.[3] It stars Cymphonique Miller as Kacey Simon.The series is based on the book How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston published by Little, Brown Books For Young Readers and Alloy Entertainment. The series was officially green-lit on May 23, 2011 (with a 20-episode order, later increased to 26) and began production in August 2011. It is the first television sitcom to be produced by Alloy Entertainment. The first promo aired with Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh on December 10, 2011. The series premiered on February 4, 2012, which attracted 3.3 million viewers.The show centers on Kacey Simon (Cymphonique Miller), a popular girl who was once mean, and whose status goes down after she must briefly wear braces and glasses. Ignored by her fellow mean girls, Kacey finds a new way to express herself through music by becoming the lead singer of the pop/hip-hop band Gravity 4 with Stevie (Lulu Antariksa), Zander (Max Schneider), Nelson (Noah Crawford), and Kevin (Christopher O'Neal).Each episode title begins with the show's title, "How to Rock".......Meet the bold and sassy Kacey Simon, lead singer of Gravity 5. She started the popular girls’ singing group, “The Perfs”, but was kicked out when they decided she no longer fit their PERFect standards. Now, with help from her new bandmates, Kacey’s determined to make Gravity 5 the #1 band Brewster High has ever heard!

Episode Summary:
Gravity 5 sneaks into a Cee Lo Green concert, and Cee Lo winds up inviting Kacey to tour with him. But, Kacey's plan to tour with Cee Lo leaves her band with no lead singer for the Battle of the Bands competition.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Cymphonique Miller, Samantha Boscarino and Max Schneider
Creator: Jim O'Doherty
Episode Air On: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
8:30 PM Nickelodeon Network 
Release date: 4 February 2012 (USA)
Genre: Comedy, Family, Music
Running time: Approx. 23 minutes
Executive producers: David M. Israel,
Gina Girolamo, Leslie Morgenstein
Production Co: Alloy Entertainment, Nickelodeon Network
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Dark Matters: Twisted But True Season 2, Episode 6 Creative Evil, Curiosity Killed Dr. Katskee, Bat-Bomb Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Twisted But True is a television series featured on the Science Channel.From the Science Channel website, "Dark Matters: Twisted But True takes you inside the laboratory to profile strange science and expose some of history's most bizarre experiments. Hosted by science fiction actor John Noble, of Fringe, Lord of the Rings fame, get ready to delve into the most unusual research ever conducted."Since those fears couldn't always be talked about, they came through in films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with themes of technology run riot and the loss of free will...... Fritz Haber plays with technology. Contaminated heroin slows down addicts, the cure is dangerous and involves the use of brain cells. Did an actress forsee cell-phones and wi-fi.....Dark Matters: Twisted But True takes you inside the laboratory to profile strange science and expose some of history's most bizarre experiments. Hosted by science fiction actor John Noble, of Fringe, Lord of the Rings fame, get ready to delve into the most unusual research ever conducted, including attempts to crossbreed humans and apes, actual zombie investigations and head transplantation studies. Cutting-edge CGI recreations enable viewers to witness the pivotal moments when brilliant minds face controversy or ethical crossroads on the fringes of science.

Episode Summary:
The Stanford prison experiment is detailed. Also: A dentist's plot to bomb Japan is discussed.

Main Cast and Crew
John Noble :Himself - Host
Hywel Morgan, Thomas Edison
Narrated by: John Noble
Episode Air Date: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
10:00 PM Science Channel Network
Release Date: 31 August 2011 (USA)
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Documentary
Runtime: 42 minutes
Camera setup: Single camera
Production Co: Wide-Eyed Entertainment
Country: USA
Language: English

The Nerdist Season 1, Episode 8 Tribute to Time Travel Online Watch Free

Show Genl Info: The Nerdist Podcast is a weekly interview show "about what it really means to be a nerd" hosted by Web Soup host Chris Hardwick, who is usually accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.The audio podcasts are typically an hour in length and include conversations with notable comedians or entertainers, sometimes at their own home. The first live recording of the show was on April 5, 2010, at the Largo in Los Angeles, with guest Adam Savage of MythBusters, and has since been recorded live a number of other times. Guests are varied, though typically relate to either stand-up comedy, nerd culture, or both, and have included Rob Zombie, Stan Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeri Ryan, Drew Carey and several cast and crew of Community, Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Next Generation....In 2011 a pilot for a television version of the show was produced and aired, with Hardwick, Ray and Mira hosting and Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith appearing as guests. BBC America has ordered five more 'specials' to air beginning on Christmas Eve 2011, and throughout 2012.The podcast was also ranked #3 in Rolling Stone's "The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment", published April 6, 2011. In July 2011 the show was recorded live, at midnight, at the Montreal comedy festival Just for Laughs.During 2011, Nerdist began releasing various other podcasts. As of May 2012 the full range includes....

Series Summary:
Based on the enormously popular podcast and blog of the same name, The Nerdist is an original half-hour special featuring stand-up comedian, Doctor Who fiend and all-around nerd extraordinaire Chris Hardwick. Join Chris as he leads a roundtable discussion with celebrity guests Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) about all things nerdily awesome -- pop culture tidbits, current events, tech trends and, of course, Doctor Who stuff! Fellow Nerdist podcasters Jonah Ray and Matt Mira chime in with commentary, while Mike Phirman of Hardwick's musical comedy duo Hard 'n Phirm entertains as a one-man band. With fans dressed as TARDISes and "fraggles", The Nerdist is brimming with Hardwick's infectious brand of nerd-cool.

Main Cast and Crew
Stars: Craig Ferguson, Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira
Writer: Kristen Rutherford
Episode Air On: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
10:00 PM On BBC America Network
Release Date: 24 September 2011 (USA)
Produced by: K.P. Anderson, Trina Calderón, Matt Mira
Original Music by: Mike Phirman
Film Editing by: Alan Armes: Eric Binmoeller, Carl DeGrazio
Production Co: Comcast Entertainment Group
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Click UK Season 1, Episode 39 August 18, 2012 Online Watch Free

About The Show: Click (previously Click Online) is a weekly BBC television programme covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology, presented by Spencer Kelly. There are four editions of the programme, including two 30-minute programmes: the first is produced for a UK audience and shown on BBC News, the second is produced for a global audience, aired on BBC World News, usually identical with a commercial break in the middle. The 15-minute version is shown on BBC One and BBC News during BBC Breakfast (at the weekend). The fourth edition runs for 5 minutes on BBC World News at selected times of the week featuring one story.Thursday 29 December 2005 marked the last edition of Click Online, as the show was previously known. This coincided with the departure of presenter Stephen Cole after 295 shows. The programme was rebranded with new music and titles and now concentrates more on consumer issues, and not necessarily the internet or what users can do or visit "online".The show now has a narrower focus, with consumer issues and technologies taking the forefront. Host Spencer Kelly brings you the latest news about consumer technology. Learn about breakthroughs in the world of broadband. See stories about cyber crime, and learn what steps you can take to protect yourself from web crimes like hacking, identity theft, and more. See the latest releases from all of your favorite companies like Apple, Sony, and more. Watch the new Microsoft Kinect and new game releases before they hit the shelves. Even learn about electronics recycling, and the waste disposal efforts to try to clean up our consumer culture. Learn about everything technology related, from new releases to techniques and safety, on BBC's Click.The current presenter of Click is Spencer Kelly who had already been a reporter and producer on the show, and also compiled reports for The Gadget Show on Channel 5. Kate Russell introduces featured websites in the weekly Webscape segment.BBC World Service broadcasts a weekly sister radio show, also called Click, presented by Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson.....Click is the BBC technology series that brings you the latest and greatest technology news stories throughout the week on BBC One, the BBC News Channel and BBC World News.Watch Video Online Click UK Season 1, Episode 39 On 18th Aug Youtube Free livestream Online VIDEO BBC Entertainment Network Watch Episode August 18, 2012 For Free Trailer and Preview of 18th Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Click UK Episode Full On BBC Entertainment Network TV 18th Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch Click UK BBC Entertainment Network Video online Free, Click UK Series Download Free BBC Entertainment Network 18th August 2012 Online Tv Live Streaming. The show began as Click Online, and was hosted by Stephen Cole for it's 295 shows. In 2005 the show was rebranded with new music, titles, and a simpler name; Click.

Episode Summary:
Click looks at the tech that helps your loved ones stay independent into their later years. Plus the latest tech news from around the world, and the best of the web and mobile apps in webscape.

Show Cast And Crew
Hosted by: Spencer Kelly
Presented by: Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompsoz
Format: Technology
Episode Air On: Saturday 18th Aug 2012
8:30 PM On BBC Entertainment Network
Release date: 2000 (USA)
Genre: Documentary, News
Running time: 30 minutes
Country of origin: United Kingdom