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Hope Springs (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

Movie Genl Info: Hope Springs is a 2012 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by David Frankel, and starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. The film was released on August 8, 2012.Download The Hope Springs 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch The Hope Springs 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, The Hope Springs online, The Hope Springs online watch, The Hope Springs Hollywood movie, The Hope Springs watch review Cast Crew story, online free The Hope Springs (2012),The Hope Springs watch movie, movie The Hope Springs free movie online, The Hope Springs trailer online free,The project was first announced in 2010 with Streep and Jeff Bridges in talks for the leads and Mike Nichols attached as director. Bridges soon dropped out, and James Gandolfini and Philip Seymour Hoffman were soon attached to the project. The project then replaced Nichols with David Frankel, without the involvement of Ganfoldini and Hoffman. Steve Carell joined the cast in February 2011, with Tommy Lee Jones replacing Bridges in the opposite lead. Filming took place in September 2011 in Connecticut.Kay (Meryl Streep) and Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple's specialist (Steve Carell) in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. Just convincing the stubborn Arnold to go on the retreat is hard enough - the real challenge for both of them comes as they shed their bedroom hang-ups and try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other in the first place.

Movie Plot Summary:
Although a devoted couple, empty nesters Kay and Arnold Soames (Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) are in need of (in Kay's opinion) help to ignite the spark back into their marriage. For years they have slept in separate rooms, forgoing any physical affection. One day Kay (who works as a Coldwater Creek employee) tells Arnold (a partner in an Omaha accounting firm) she has paid for them to undergo a week of intense marriage counseling with Dr. Bernie Feld (Steve Carell) in a coastal resort town in Maine. Arnold, a creature of plodding, unimaginative routine, denies their marriage is in trouble and resists getting on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. The real challenge comes in sessions with Dr. Feld as they both try to articulate their feelings, revitalize their relationship, and find the spark that caused them to fall in love in the first place.

Kay and Arnold are a middle-aged couple whose marriage has declined until they are now sleeping in separate rooms and barely interact in any meaningful loving way. Finally, Kay has had enough and finds a book by Dr. Feld which inspires her to sign them up for the Doctor's intense week long marriage counseling session. Although Arnold sees nothing wrong with their 30 year long marriage, he reluctantly agrees to go on the expensive excursion. What follows is an insightful experience as Dr. Feld manages to help the couple understand how they have emotionally drifted apart and what they can do to reignite their passion. Even with the Doctor's advice, Kay and Arnold find that renewing their marriage's fire is a daunting challenge for them both.

Main Cast And Crew
Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell
Directed By: David Frankel
Written By: Vanessa Taylor
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Runtime: 100 min
Release Date: 8 August 2012 (USA) 
Production Co: Escape Artists, Management 360, Mandate Pictures
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As:¿Qué voy a hacer con mi marido?
Filming Locations: Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Premium Rush (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

About The Movie: Premium Rush is a 2012 American action film directed by David Koepp and written by Koepp and John Kamps. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung.Download Premium Rush 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch Premium Rush 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, Premium Rush online, Premium Rush online watch, Premium Rush Hollywood movie, Premium Rush watch review Cast Crew story, online free Premium Rush (2012),Premium Rush watch movie, movie Premium Rush free movie online, Premium Rush trailer online free, Set around a bicycle messenger who is chased around New York City by a dirty cop who wants an envelope the messenger has, it was released on August 24, 2012, by Columbia Pictures and received positive reviews from film critics.Principal photography began in mid-July 2010 in New York City. Gordon-Levitt was injured during filming on August 1, 2010, when he was cycling too fast and hit the back of a taxi. The impact sent Gordon-Levitt flying into the rear windshield of the taxi, slashing his arm which required 31 stitches.A shot of the aftermath of that accident is included as a post-credits scene in the film. Locations included Columbia University, Central Park and Canal Street. In 2011, a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement was filed by author Joe Quirk, claiming Premium Rush was based on Quirk's screenplay from his 1998 novel The Ultimate Rush. The suit claimed many plot, character name, and scene similarities to Quirk's original screenplay. In July 2012, federal judge Richard Seeborg declined to dismiss Quirk's claim that Sony Pictures, parent company of Columbia Pictures, had breached an implied contract.The production company Pariah, director David Koepp and co-screenwriter John Kamps are also named in the suit.

Movie Plot Summary:
Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a New York City bicycle messenger alongside his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa (Dania Ramirez). Her roommate, Nima (Jamie Chung), delivers $50,000 that she has saved for two years to Mr. Leung (Henry O), a Chinese money launderer, in exchange for a ticket that she must deliver to Sister Chen, buying a place for Nima's son and mother in one of Sister Chen's ships that smuggle people from China to America.Mr. Lin, a local loan shark, learns of the ticket and how whoever returns it to Mr. Leung can collect Nima's money. He then approaches Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon), a NYPD officer who owes him money, offering to clear Monday's debt if Monday gets him the ticket. Monday begins searching for Nima, who decides to hire Wilee to deliver the envelope with the ticket to Sister Chen at 7 P.M. After Wilee leaves, Nima is confronted by Monday, who coerces her into revealing that Wilee has the ticket and handing over the delivery receipt. After Monday leaves, Vanessa finds Nima, and learns the contents of the envelope.....

Wilee is one of 1,500 bike couriers in Manhattan who rides on the edge by having a bike with no brakes. On this day, Wilee has a delivery that is so valuable that a corrupt NYC Detective, who needs the money, begins to chase Wilee throughout the city to get it before the envelope is delivered.

Main Cast And Crew
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon and Dania Ramirez
Director: David Koepp
Writers: David Koepp, John Kamps
Music by: David Sardy
Cinematography: Mitchell Amundsen
Editing by: Derek Ambrosi, Jill Savitt
Studio: Pariah
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: 24 August 2012 (USA)
Genres: Action | Thriller
Runtime: 91 min
Production Co: Pariah
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Encomenda Armadilhada
Filming Locations: New York City, New York, USA

The Tall Man (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

About The Movie: The Tall Man is a 2012 American mystery film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. It was filmed in the Kootenay region of Southeastern British Columbia and stars Jessica Biel.It premiered at the South by Southwest in 2012 where it was acquired by Image Entertainment.Download The Tall Man 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch The Tall Man 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, The Tall Man online, The Tall Man online watch, The Tall Man Hollywood movie, The Tall Man watch review Cast Crew story, online free The Tall Man (2012),The Tall Man watch movie, movie The Tall Man free movie online, The Tall Man trailer online free, It's receiving a limited release on 31 August 2012 and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 25 September 2012.n an isolated, slowly dying mining town, children are vanishing without a trace - abducted, the townsfolk whisper, by a mysterious entity known locally as "The Tall Man." Town nurse Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) seems skeptical...until her young David disappears in the middle of night. Frantic to rescue the boy, Julia lives every parent's darkest nightmare in this twisting, shock-around-each-corner thriller from acclaimed director Pascal Laugier called The Tall Man....Set in the Pacific Northwest, it’s the story of a poor town under siege. One by one, kids – an entire generation – are disappearing from their shabby homes.No bodies are ever found. There are no clues, not even a bloodstain. And slowly, a legend grows – that deep in the woods lives a nameless and motiveless abductor, the Tall Man....Some of these twists may be too much for audiences wanting nothing more than a straight horror film. And the movie’s final explanation – slightly improbable, vaguely and confusingly political – may disappoint the most unsparingly logical of fans.....

Movie Plot Summary:
A nurse races to rescue her young son from a seemingly supernatural figure who's been snatching children from a depressed mining town in this downbeat tale of terror from Martyrs director Pascal Laugier. For years, a mysterious entity known as the Tall Man has been abducting children from Cold Rock. The moment they vanish, they're never seen again. Once a prosperous mining town, Cold Rock has fallen to ruin, yet local nurse Julia (Jessica Biel) writes off rumors of the elusive Tall Man as local superstition. Then one night, to her horror, Julia awakens to find her son David in the arms of the spectral figure, who steals the boy away into the darkness. Now Julia won't stop searching for David until he's back safe in her arms, and the truth about the missing children of Cold Rock is finally revealed.

When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children.....This film is about a legend that has been started by the town folk of Cold Rock. Since the children in the town have been going missing, people have said it's an entity known as 'The Tall Man' who has been taking them. Julia Denning ('Jessica Beil' ) is the local nurse who's husband died years earlier. She is soon personally involved as her child is taken. She tries to track down where the child is taken to, but then she finds that there's more to what's happening than she knew. The towns folk start to turn on her and the truth comes out. But there's still more to the story... Who is 'The Tall Man'? And what is the truth?

Main Cast And Crew
Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland and William B. Davis
Director: Pascal Laugier
Writer: Pascal Laugier
Produced by: Clément Miserez, Kevin DeWalt
Jean-Charles Levy, Scott Kennedy
limited release on: 31 August 2012
Release Date: 5 September 2012 (France)
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime: USA: 106 min
Production Co: SND, Minds Eye Entertainment, Forecast Pictures
Country: USA | Canada | France
Language: English
Also Known As: The Secret
Filming Locations: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Box Office Budget: $18,200,000 (estimated)

For a Good Time, Call . . . (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

Movie Genl Info: For a Good Time, Call... is a 2012 American comedy film directed by Jamie Travis. It stars Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Justin Long, Mimi Rogers, Nia Vardalos, Mark Webber and James Wolk.Download For a Good Time, Call... 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch For a Good Time, Call... 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, For a Good Time, Call... online, For a Good Time, Call... online watch, For a Good Time, Call... Hollywood movie, For a Good Time, Call... watch review Cast Crew story, online free For a Good Time, Call... (2012),For a Good Time, Call... watch movie, movie For a Good Time, Call... free movie online, For a Good Time, Call... trailer online free, The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, 2012 where it sought a worldwide distribution deal with Focus Features. It will be released theatrically in the United States on 31 August, 2012.Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon based the script on their real-life experiences as college roommates.The role of Katie was written specifically for Ari Graynor. Lauren Miller used her performance in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist as the inspiration for writing the character, and wrote Graynor a letter asking her to be involved in the production. The letter made Graynor cry. "I got this letter where they talked about what fans they were of my work and how they felt like I was one of the only people out there who could be both sexy and vulnerable and funny all at the same time," she stated.Filming took place over 16 days in Los Angeles at a budget of $1.3 million. Miller and Naylon secured financing for the film independently. Focus Features picked up the film at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for $2 million.James Schamus, chief executive at Focus, cited the film's 'emotionally generous' appeal and word-of-mouth potential as primary reasons for the acquisition. Katie and Lauren are two incompatible roommates, their differences become more apparent when a disapproving Lauren learns of her roommate's occupation as a phone sex operator. However, after Lauren loses her job she joins forces with Katie to create a highly lucrative phone sex business and eventually joins her as a second operator. In the process of their venture, both girls start to become firm friends. However, a betrayal will threaten this new-found harmony.

Movie Plot Summary::
Two former college rivals team up to start a lucrative business while sharing a New York apartment in this comedy from director Jamie Travis. Back in school, Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) had a love/hate relationship. Years later, Lauren is recovering from a messy break-up, and Katie is living in her late grandmother's apartment when the rent control runs out. In order to avoid losing the apartment, Katie invites Lauren to move in and help out with the payments. Fate intervenes, however, when Katie becomes fed up with Lauren's boisterous bedroom antics, and learns that her new roommate has a naughty side that could earn them both some quick cash. With Lauren in charge of the business and Katie catering to the clients, the mismatched pair launch a phone-sex line that quickly proves a smashing success. Justin Long, Mark Webber, and Nia Vardalos co-star.

Lauren and Katie, college frenemies with a mutual good friend, move in together at age 28 in order to afford an amazing Gramercy Park apartment. The unlikely pair start a phone sex line and become best friends while learning about this hilarious world of vibrators, fake orgasms and nighttime callers. When the hot line is hung up and reality comes calling, the most meaningful relationship of their lives is put to the test.

Main Cast And Crew
Cast: Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller, Justin Long, Mark Webber
Director: Jamie Travis
Produced by: Josh Kesselman, Lauren Miller, Jennifer Weinbaum
Written by: Lauren Miller, Katie Anne Naylon
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins
Release Date: 08/31/2012 USA
Music by: John Swihart
Cinematography: James Laxton
Editing by: Evan Henke
Studio: AdScott Pictures
Distributed by: Focus Features
Production Co: AdScott Pictures
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2 November 2012 (UK)
Also Known As: Pozovi za dobar provod
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

The Possession (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

Movie Genl Info: The Possession is a 2012 supernatural horror film directed by Ole Bornedal and co-produced by Sam Raimi. It was released in the US on August 31, 2012, with the film premiering at the Film4 FrightFest.Download The Possession 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch The Possession 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, The Possession online, The Possession online watch, The Possession Hollywood movie, The Possession watch review Cast Crew story, online free The Possession (2012),The Possession watch movie, movie The Possession free movie online, The Possession trailer online free, The story is based on the allegedly haunted Dybbuk box.Bornedal cited films like The Exorcist as an inspiration, praising their subtlety.The film was shot in early 2011.Bornedal stated that he was drawn to the script for The Possession, having seen it as more of an allegory for divorce than as a true horror film. Actors Sedgwick and Morgan were brought in to play the Breneks, with Morgan choosing to perform in the movie after having seen Sedgwick's audition tape.[6] Parts of the movie were filmed at the Riverview Mental Institution in Coquitlam, British Columbia.The owner of the Dybbuk box, Jason Haxton, offered to send it to producer Sam Raimi, who was both interested and reluctant. Raimi laughingly told an Entertainment Weekly interviewer, "I didn't want anything to do with it. I'm scared of the thing." He also told the interviewer that he was raised in a conservative Jewish home: "You don't hear about dibbuks when you go to synagogue. I know the demonic lore of The Exorcist. But what does my faith believe about demonic possession? ... The stories chilled me to the bone." Jeffrey Dean Morgan felt similarly: "In the research I did, I started getting creeped out. My girlfriend was like, 'Let's just make sure that we don't actually go near the real Dibbuk Box

Movie Plot Summary:
Inspired by ~Los Angeles Times writer Leslie Gornstein's article "A Jinx in a Box," this horror film from Ghost House Pictures and director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch) tells the tale of a broken family that comes under attack from a malevolent supernatural entity of Jewish folklore. Shortly after her parents (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick) divorce, a young girl purchases an ornate antique box at a yard sale. In the weeks that follow, the young girl forms an intense fixation on the box, her behavior growing increasingly bizarre as she falls into the grip of a diabolical apparition. When the girl's father discovers that the relic is in fact a holding cell for the disconnected soul of a deceased person who has been denied entry into the afterlife and needs a human host to inhabit, he fights to rid her of the evil that threatens to consume her body and soul....

A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

Main Cast And Crew
Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick
Director: Ole Bornedal
Writers: Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
Music by: Anton Sanko
Release Date: 31 August 2012 (USA)
Genres: Horror | Thriller
Runtime: 92 min
Production Co: Ghost House Pictures, North Box Productions
Studio: Ghost House Pictures
North Box Productions
Distributed by: Lionsgate
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Posesión satánica
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Box Office Budget: $17,500,000 (estimated)

Lawless (2012) Movie Cast and Crew Story Review Online Watch Free

Movie Genl Info: Lawless is a 2012 gangster film directed by John Hillcoat based on Matt Bondurant's 2008 novel The Wettest County in the World about his grandfather and great-uncles in Prohibition-era Franklin County, Virginia.Download Lawless 2012, Full Movie Online Free, Watch Lawless 2012, Full Streaming Movie Online Free, online watch, Lawless online, Lawless online watch, Lawless Hollywood movie, Lawless watch review Cast Crew story, online free Lawless (2012),Lawless watch movie, movie Lawless free movie online, Lawless trailer online free, The novel was adapted into a screenplay by Nick Cave, and the film stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke and Guy Pearce. The film competed for the Palme d'Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.Originally titled The Wettest County in The World, the film's title was briefly changed to The Promised Land, before eventually reverting back to Wettest County. Although intended to begin shooting in February 2010, it was reported in January that the project had fallen apart as a result of financing problems.The indie studio Sony Red Wagon Entertainment decided to pick up the project. In December 2010, it was reported that LaBeouf would remain on board and Tom Hardy would step in as Forrest. Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Jason Clarke, Dane DeHaan, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman and Randall Franks also joined the cast. Filming began on February 28, 2011 in various locations near Atlanta, Georgia, including Newnan, Grantville, Haralson, LaGrange, and Carroll County's McIntosh Park.

Movie Plot Summary:
Three rebellious, bootlegging brothers find the elusive American Dream within their reach, and fight to maintain their grip as powerful urban gangsters reap the rewards of their hard work in this sprawling Great Depression-era crime drama from director John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition). At the height of Prohibition, ambitious country boy Jack Bondurant dreams of becoming "Public Enemy #1" while reaping all the benefits that go with the gangster lifestyle. By expanding his family's moonshining business, he plots to launch a vast criminal empire while winning the heart of beautiful Amish girl Bertha. With his older, intimidating brother Howard by his side, Jack has the brawn to get the job done, too. But they need a strong leader to guide them -- a responsibility that falls on their eldest sibling Forrest. Stoic and stalwart, Forrest is the kind of man who holds his cards close, and places a high value on character. Meanwhile, as the three siblings rise to power while battling treachery on both sides of the law, a mysterious woman named Maggie appears out of nowhere, prompting the thoughtful Forrest to question the true price of his outlaw ways.

The three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression, up in the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia. Crooked Special Deputy Charles Rakes is after a share of the brothers' profits. Compounding their troubles, the local competition is elbowing in on their activities. Forrest's boisterous defiance and Cricket's knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly. When Forrest is wounded as tension with Rakes escalates, Jack, initially the timid one, must prove his worth against gangster Floyd Banner's mob, and we see him metamorphose into a cocky exhibitionist in his attempts to woo the off-limits preacher's daughter, Bertha.When the law became corrupt, outlaws became heroes. 

Main Cast And Crew
Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman,
Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Guy Pearce
Directed by: John Hillcoat
Release dates: May 19, 2012 (Cannes) August 29, 2012 USA
Genres: Crime | Drama | Western
Running time: 115 minutes
Produced by: Lucy Fisher, Douglas Wick, Megan Ellison, Michael Benaroya
Written by: Nick Cave
Based on: The Wettest County in the World by Matt Bondurant
Music by: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
Cinematography: Benoît Delhomme
Editing by: Dylan Tichenor
Studio: Filmnation Entertainment
Distributed by: The Weinstein Company
Country: United States
Language: English
Also Known As: Des hommes sans loi
Filming Locations: Coweta County, Georgia, USA

America's Next Top Model Season 19, Episode 2 The Girl Who Cries Home Online Watch Free

Show Genl Info: Top Model or Next Top Model is a fashion-themed reality television show format produced in many countries throughout the world and seen in over 120 countries.Watch Video Online America's Next Top Model Season 19, Episode 2 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO The CW Watch Episode The Girl Who Cries Home For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug  2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch America's Next Top Model Episode Full On The CW TV 31st Aug  2012 English Drama Serial. Watch America's Next Top Model The CW Video online Free, America's Next Top Model Series Download Free The CW 31st Aug 2012 Online Tv Live Streaming The show takes the form of a modeling competition whose winners typically receive a contract with a major modeling agency and a cover shoot and fashion photo spread in a fashion magazine.The format was created by Tyra Banks for the original series, America's Next Top Model which was first aired in 2003, produced by 10×10 Entertainment.......A cyclical competition where women from all over the U.S. compete for the honor of being America's next "it girl" in the modeling world. "America's Next Top Model" returns for another season, with Tyra Banks kicking off cycle seventeen by bringing back an all-star cast of fan favorites and outrageous characters from previous cycles of the show. These women of various backgrounds, shapes and sizes return to prove that they can make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modeling and celebrity, featuring an exciting line-up of special guest judges. There is a lot at stake with these seasoned veterans, poised to earn the prestigious title of "America's Next Top Model" that previously eluded them. Time has passed and these models have changed... for better and for worse. In addition to exposure to prolific fashion-industry gurus and successful entrepreneurs, the finalists will compete in complicated catwalks, ambitious fashion photo shoots and work to carefully craft their public personas, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the cameras that chronicle every move.

Episode Summary:
The premiere follows the casting of the girls and the initial competition which challenges them to their first catwalk in front of an audience. New judge, international male supermodel Rob Evans, joins Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone on the judges' panel, along with another new judge - the viewer.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Adrianne Curry, Yoanna House,
Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander
Creators: Tyra Banks, Ken Mok, Kenya Barris
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st August 2012
9:00 PM On The CW Network
Release date: 20 May 2003 (USA)
Production Co: 10 by 10 Entertainment, Pottle Productions
Ty Ty Baby Productions
Genre: Reality-TV, Fashion/Make-up
Runing Time: 42 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: ANTM
Filming Locations: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Hollywood Heights Season 1, Episode 55 Eddie's New Sound Online Watch Free

Series Genl Info: Hollywood Heights is an American family drama that premiered on June 18, 2012, and is an American adaption of the telenovela Alcanzar una estrella.Watch Video Online Hollywood Heights Season 1, Episode 55 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Nickelodeon Network Watch Episode Eddie's New Sound For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Hollywood Heights Nickelodeon Network Video online Free, Hollywood Heights Online Tv Live Streaming.The series follows the journey of a teenage girl whose life changes drastically when she becomes a star and wins the love of her rock and roll idol, and both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak and deception. The first season of the 80-episode series will air weeknights at 9 p.m. (Eastern) through October 2012.The show's executive producers are daytime television veteran Jill Farren-Phelps and Hisham Abed, and the head writer and co-executive producer is Josh Griffith.Hollywood Heights centers on Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood), a shy teen whose musical aspirations inch closer to reality when she wins a songwriting contest sponsored by Eddie Duran (Cody Longo), a rock star at the top of his game....Romance and deceit. Fame and heartbreak. Success and secrets. Welcome to Hollywood Heights, where they put the DRAMA in family drama. Follow Loren, an aspiring songwriter and straight-A high school student, as her life drastically changes. When Loren gets thrown into the spotlight suddenly, and meets her musical idol, Eddie Duran, nothing will ever be the same for anyone. The obstacles that come with life and fame become instantly apparent, but it's the strong bond between friends and family that help them all through.

Episode Summary:
Eddie and Loren prepare for their upcoming concert; Tyler plans to expose Chloe; Melissa gets some answers.

Main Cast and Crew
Cody Longo, Brittany Underwood, Robert Adamson,
Brandon Bell, Merrin Dungey,
Ashley Holliday And Many Others
Developed by: Josh Griffit
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st August 2012
9:00 PM On Nickelodeon Network
Release date: 11 June 2012 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Family, Music, Romance
Running time: 43 minutes
Executive producers: Hisham Abed,
Josh Griffith, Jill Farren-Phelps
Producers: Jeanne Haney, Jonathan Fishman
Theme music Composers: Matthew Tishler,
Andrew Ang
Production Company: Sony Pictures Television,
Country of origin: United States
Language: English

In with the Flynns Season 2, Episode 3 Life Is Sweat Online Watch Free

About The Series: In with the Flynns is a British sitcom created by Caryn Mandabach, produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions, and broadcast by the BBC.Watch Video Online In with the Flynns Season 2, Episode 3 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO BBC One (UK) Watch Episode Life Is Sweat For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch In with the Flynns Full Episode BBC One (UK) 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch In with the Flynns BBC One (UK) Video online Free, In with the Flynns Series Download Free BBC One (UK) On 31st Aug Online Tv Live Streaming. The first series began broadcast on 8 June 2011 for six episodes on BBC One and in high definition on BBC One HD in the United Kingdom. It is an adaptation of the American series Grounded for Life.Set in Manchester in northern England, the series stars Will Mellor as Liam Flynn, Niky Wardley as his wife Caroline, and Nadine Rose Mulkerrin, Daniel Rogers, and Lorenzo Rodriguez as their children, Chloe, Steve, and Mikey. Other characters include Liam's brother Tommy (Craig Parkinson) and Liam and Tommy's father Jim (Warren Clarke).Originally given the working title of Meet the Doyles, this was changed during production. The theme song Is "For Anyone" by the band Beady Eye.On 22 December 2011 Will Mellor confirmed in an interview that the show had been given a second series which will be filmed and broadcast in 2012. Taping has finished taking place at the new MediaCityUK in Salford and the second series has begun on BBC One on 17th August 2012 for a further six episodes.......In with the Flynns is a situation comedy television series produced by BBC1 that premiered in June of 2011.Created by Bill Martin and Mike Schiff In with the Flynns follows the story of Liam Flynn (played by Will Mellor) and his wife Caroline (played by Niky Wardley) who live in Manchester and have three children. They are still very much in love but their children are growing up fast and they are trying to do their best to keep up with them and be the best parents they can be. But that does not mean they do not make plenty of mistakes...."In With The Flynns" is a sitcom starring Will Mellor, Warren Clarke, Niky Wardley and Craig Parkinson. The show shows what life family life is like as you attempt to hold down jobs, raise three children and also have to deal with an irresponsible brother and a difficult dad.

Episode Summary:
Liam attempts to earn some extra cash by giving some personal training lessons. His first client though wants more from him than just training. Kevin's heart is broken after the love of his life breaks up with him after just a couple of days together.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Niky Wardley, Will Mellor and Warren Clarke
Creators: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
4:00 PM On BBC One (UK) Network
Release Date: 8 June 2011 (UK)
Genre: Comedy, Family
Runningtime: 30 min
Written by: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff, Chris Reddy
Directed by: Dominic Brigstocke
Executive producers: Caryn Mandabach, Jamie Glazebrook, Jon Wolph
Producer: Gill Isles, Jim Poyser
Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Country: UK
Language: English
Locations: Manchester, England

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Season 12, Episode 102 Fri, Aug 31, 2012 Online Watch Free

About The Show: WWE SmackDown (also stylized as Friday Night Smackdown) is a sports entertainment television program for WWE. As of 2010 it airs on Syfy in the United States.Watch Video Online WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Season 12, Episode 102 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Syfy Network Watch After WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Fri, Aug 31st, 2012 For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Episode Full On Syfy Network TV 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Syfy Network Video online Free, WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Series Download Free Syfy Network 31st Aug 2012 Online Tv Live Streaming. The show's name is also used to refer to the SmackDown brand, in which WWE employees are assigned to work and perform on that program.It is one of the two television broadcasts for the SmackDown brand; the other one being WWE Raw, though at one point WWE Velocity also featured SmackDown branded wrestling.From its launch in 1999, SmackDown broadcast on Thursday nights, but on September 9, 2005, the show moved to Friday nights.........It Is Stated That WWE to lay the 'SmackDown' in Taiwan ( - World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the world's largest and most explosive professional wrestling federation, is set to hold a triple threat match, a 10-man battle royal and a special challenge match at the National Taiwan Sport University's Linkou Stadium (國立臺灣體育大學林口體育館) as part of the 2012 WWE Smackdown World Tour......Weekly sports show, with frequent commentary, interviews, side plots and hype. This unique, bigger-than-life two-hour saga has ratcheted up the drama and intensified the classic rivalries. With a recurring cast of unique WWE Superstars, WWE presents an astonishing display of athleticism combined with riveting dramatic and comedic story lines.Superstars featured each week include Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Christian, Wade Barret and many more.

Weekly sports show, with frequent commentary, interviews, side plots and hype.

Main Cast and Crew
Michael Coulthard, Teddy Long, Glenn Jacobs, Paul Wight, Michelle McCool And Others
Created by: Vince McMahon
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
8:00 PM On Syfy Network
Release Date: 1999 (USA)
Genres: Sport, Action
Runtime: 120 min
Production Co: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Friday Night Smackdown!
Filming Locations: Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim - 2695 E.
Katella Avenue, Anaheim, California, USA

NTSF:SD:SUV:: Season 2, Episode 4 Lights, Camera, Assassination Online Watch Free

Show Genl Info: NTSF:SD:SUV: short for National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle::, is a quarter-hour format television comedy that parodies the police procedural and action film genres.Watch Video Online NTSF:SD:SUV:: Season 2, Episode 4 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Adult Swim Watch Episode Lights, Camera, Assassination For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch NTSF:SD:SUV:: Full Episode Adult Swim 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch NTSF:SD:SUV:: Adult Swim Video online Free, NTSF:SD:SUV:: Series Download Free Adult Swim On 31st Aug Online Tv Live Streaming.Created by comedian Paul Scheer, NTSF:SD:SUV:: was first featured in a set of mock promotional television advertisements aired during season one broadcasts of Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim.The mock promos starred Scheer as agent Trent Hauser, along with June Diane Raphael, Brandon Johnson, and Rob Riggle. From the mock promos, the program was ordered to series with a 12-episode season, bypassing the television pilot stage of development. Joining the cast for the series are Kate Mulgrew, Rebecca Romijn, and Martin Starr. NTSF:SD:SUV:: airs after Childrens Hospital on late night Thursday, premiering on the night of July 21, 2011  — 12:15 am EST, Friday, July 22 on Adult Swim. On October 6, 2011, Adult Swim announced that it picked up a second season of the series, with principal photography to begin in early 2012. The second season premiered alongside Childrens Hospital on August 9, 2012.....NTSF:SD:SUV::, also known as the National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle::, is a clandestine team of government agents working together to protect San Diego from numerous terrorist threats coming in daily from such evil countries as Mexico, Canada, Guam and more. This team of highly trained operatives has only one job: saving your ass so you can drive your Prius and see your movies in 3-D without worrying about living in a country run by no-good terrorists. As with many other acronym-ed police procedurals that dominate the airwaves, NTSF:SD:SUV::'s season of 15-minute episodes is ripped from the headlines and full of suspense, action, drama, cliffhangers, yelling, passionate love-making, more yelling, death and plenty of pregnant pauses.

Episode Summary:
A teen idol shadows Trent and Alphonse during the hunt for a killer who targets Hollywood directors; Kove develops a podcast.

Main Cast And Crew
Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Brandon Johnson,
Kate Mulgrew, Rebecca Romijn,,Martin Starr, Rob Riggle
Voices of: Peter Serafinowicz
Created by: Paul Scheer
Directed by: Eric Appel, Ryan McFaul
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
12:15 AM On Adult Swim Network
Release date: 21 July 2011 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Parody, Satire
Running time: 11 minutes
Executive producers: Paul Scheer,
Jonathan Stern, Curtis Gwinn
Cinematography: Marco Fargnoli
Production Co: Abominable Pictures,
2nd Man on the Moon
Theme music composer: Jack Dolgen
Composer: Dan Marocco
Country of origin: United States
Language: English
Also known as: National Terrorism Strike Force:
San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle:

America's Most Wanted Season 25, Episode 37 Season 25, Episode 37 Online Watch Free

Show Genl Info: America's Most Wanted is an American television program produced by 27th Television, and was the longest-running program of any kind in the history of the Fox Television Network until it was announced on May 16, 2011 that the series was canceled after twenty-three years, with the final episode airing on June 18, 2011.Watch Video Online America's Most Wanted Season 25, Episode 37 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Lifetime Watch Season 25, Episode 37 For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch America's Most Wanted Full Episode Lifetime 31st July 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch America's Most Wanted Lifetime Video online Free, America's Most Wanted Series Download Free Lifetime On 31st Aug Online Tv Live Streaming.The following September, America's Most Wanted's creator and host, John Walsh, announced that the program would resume on the cable network Lifetime later that year. Presented by Walsh,the show's purpose is to profile and assist law enforcement in the apprehension of fugitives wanted for various crimes, including murder, rape, kidnapping, child molestation, white collar crime, organized crime, armed robbery, gang violence, and terrorism, and also many of whom are currently on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list......America's Most Wanted is not only the longest-running TV series in the history of the FOX network, but the eighth-longest running prime time network show ever and credited for bringing reality television to mainstream. The idea for the show came from other reality crime shows in the 60s and 80s. By the summer of 1987, Fox executive Stephen Chao and Executive Producer Michael Linder had the idea for America's Most Wanted. It premiered on February 7, 1988 and within four days of the first broadcast convicted killer David James Roberts was captured. The show was canceled for a month and a half in the fall of 1996 but returned after protests from the public, law enforcement, government officials and low ratings for the shows replacing AMW. Among its many accomplishments, AMERICA'S MOST WANTED has helped capture more than 1,100 criminals, including 17 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. The series has also reunited 61 missing children and persons with their families, which is Walsh's proudest achievement. In March 2010, President Obama appeared on AMW to congratulate the series on its 1000th milestone episode.

In this series, John Walsh, the father of a murdered child hosts this show that illustrates crime stories which have lead to the capture of hundreds of fugitives from the law. With as much luridness and accuracy as possible, various crimes are dramatically recreated with an appeal for any viewer with information as to the crime and the perpetrators to call the show and the authorities and help the cause of justice. True crimes are dramatized in hopes that viewers can give information leading to the capture of the criminals.

Main Cast and Crew
John Walsh, Don LaFontaine and Patrick Michael Strange
Series Directors: David H. Butler, Kenneth A. Carlson,
Series Writers: Peter Koper, Gary Meyers (episode),
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
9:00 PM On Lifetime Network
Release date: 7 February 1988 (USA)
Genres: Crime, Drama
Runtime: 60 min (including commercials)
Production Co: 20th Century Fox Television, & Lifetime Network
Fox Productions, Mobile Video Productions Inc.
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: A.M.W.
Filming Locations: Aspen, Colorado, USA

Boss Season 2, Episode 3 Ablution Online Watch Free

About The Serial: Boss is an American political drama television serial created by Farhad Safinia.Watch Video Online Boss Season 2, Episode 3 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Starz Network Watch Episode Ablution For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Boss Full Episode Starz Network 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch Boss Starz Network Video online Free, Boss Series Download Free Starz Network On 31st Aug Online Tv Live Streaming.The series stars Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.The series was broadcast in the United States on the premium television service Starz, and is produced by Category 5 Entertainment, Grammnet Productions and Lionsgate Television. It premiered on October 21, 2011. On September 27, 2011, Starz announced that Boss had been renewed for a second season of ten episodes, which premiered on Friday August 17, 2012.The series follows Tom Kane, the Mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with "Dementia with Lewy bodies", a degenerative neurological disorder. Determined to remain in charge, Kane conceals the disease from everyone around him except his own physician, Dr. Ella Harris. Those around Kane are too busy with their own lives to notice anything unusual. Kane's marriage to his wife Meredith is nothing more than one of convenience. Kane's closest advisors, Kitty O'Neill and Ezra Stone, begin to suspect something is wrong with the Mayor but respect him too much to ask any questions, while State Treasurer Ben Zajac is too busy cultivating his political ambitions to become the next Governor of Illinois to notice anything out of the ordinary.......Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) sits like a spider at the center of Chicago’s web of power; a web built on a covenant with the people. They want to be led, they want disputes settled, jobs dispensed, and loyalties rewarded. If he achieves through deception and troubling morality, so be it. As long as he gets the job done, they look the other way. Yet despite being the most effective mayor in recent history, a degenerative brain disorder is ripping everything away from him. He can’t trust his memory, his closest allies, or even himself. Kane’s wife Meredith (Connie Nielsen) knows nothing. Theirs is a marriage of convenience. Kitty O’Neil (Kathleen Robertson), Kane’s advisor, has her suspicions but stays silent. And Kane’s political advisor Ezra Stone (Martin Donovan), a Yale graduate with a rough edge, remains questionless. Only Emma (Hannah Ware), Kane’s estranged daughter, has a chance of learning his secret. This is going to be the toughest term yet for the Boss.

Episode Summary:
Kane's increasing infatuation with his new aide Mona leads him to get swept up in her enthusiasm for a housing-redevelopment project.

Main Cast and Crew
Kelsey Grammer, Connie Nielsen, Kathleen Robertson
Hannah Ware, Jeff Hephner, Troy Garity
Jonathan Groff, Sanaa Lathan
Created by: Farhad Safinia
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
10:00 PM On Starz Network
Release date: 21 October 2011 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Running time: 55 minutes
Opening theme: "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down" by Robert Plant
Composer: Brian Reitzell
Executive producers: Kelsey Grammer, Farhad Safinia, Dee Johnson
Gus Van Sant, Richard Levine, Lyn Greene
Brian Sher, Stella Bulochnikov-Stopler
Production company: Category 5 Entertainment
Grammnet Productions
Lionsgate Television
Country of origin: United States
Language: English

Strike Back Season 3, Episode 4 Project Dawn, Episode 14 Online Watch Free

About The Series: Strike Back: Vengeance, as it is known in the United Kingdom (or Strike Back Season 2 in the United States) is an upcoming ten-part third series of Strike Back commissioned by Sky and Cinemax (the second year since Cinemax was brought on board to co-produce the show) in October 2011.Watch Video Online Strike Back Season 3, Episode 4 On 31st Aug Youtube Free livestream Online VIDEO CineMax Network Watch Project Dawn, Episode 14 For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Strike Back Episode Full On CineMax Network TV 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch Strike Back E! Network Video online Free, Strike Back Series Download Free CineMax Network 31st Aug 2012 Online Tv Live Streaming. The main cast for the series includes Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Rhona Mitra, Michelle Lukes and Rhashan Stone. The series began filming in South Africa in January 2012, and will premiere on Cinemax on 17 August 2012 and on Sky1 in September.Militants loyal to Huseyin Waabri, a notorius Somali warlord, attack an embassy escort, kidnapping a British diplomat and junior attaché. Section 20 operative Damian Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) is sent to Magadishu to rescue them. Meanwhile Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) adjusts to his new life outside Section 20.Strike Back began with a six-part first series developed by BSkyB, and broadcast two episodes a week from 5 to 19 May 2010 on Sky1. It was based on a book of the same name from former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier turned novelist Chris Ryan. A second series with a longer run of ten episodes, Strike Back: Project Dawn, was commissioned by Sky in August 2010, and in February 2011, it was announced that Sky entered a co-production deal with the American television network Cinemax. On 6 October 2011, Cinemax announced they renewed the show for a ten-part third series (or second season in the United States). Sky1 announced the renewal one day later. Tony Saint will return to write a number of episodes as well as co-executive produce the series, while Bill Eagles and Paul Wilmhurst will return to direct; Eagles will direct four episodes, while Wilmhurst will direct two. Film director Michael J. Bassett will also direct episodes of the series.Andy Harries and Huw Kennair-Jones will be the show's executive producers.Filming began in South Africa in January 2012.In the United States, a promotional trailer was first released on Cinemax's sister network HBO before the fifth season premiere of the popular supernatural drama True Blood. The show will premiere on 17 August 2012 showing the first two episodes back-to-back. In the United Kingdom, the series will premiere on Sky1 on 2 September 2012 at 9pm......Strike Back (promoted as Chris Ryan's Strike Back) is based on the eponymous novel written by ex-British Special Forces soldier Chris Ryan. Starring Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln, Strike Back is a compelling story of betrayal, glory, redemption and revenge played out through the interlinking lives of two former soldiers: military hero Hugh Collinson (Lincoln) and discharged veteran John Porter (Armitage).

Episode Summary:
Scott and Stonebridge are holed up in an Algerian farmhouse with a nomad leader and wounded courier while preparing for an Al Qaeda attack.

Main Cast and Crew
Rhashan Stone, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton
Episode Directed by: Paul Wilmshurst
Episode Written by: James Dormer
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
10:00 PM On CineMax Network
Release Date:5th May 2010 (UK)
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller, War
Running time: 45 minutes approx
Executive producers: Andy Harries, Elaine Pyke
Producer: Andrew Benson
Production Co: Left Bank Pictures,
Ingenious Broadcasting, Double D Productions
Country: UK
Language: English
Also Known As: Chris Ryan's Strike Back
Filming Locations: South Africa

Deadly Women Season 6, Episode 3 Insatiable Greed Online Watch Free

About The Series: Deadly Women is a television series first aired in 2005 on the Discovery Channel, focusing on female killers.Watch Video Online Deadly Women Season 6, Episode 3 On 31st Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Investigation Investigation Discovery Watch Episode Insatiable Greed For Free Trailer and Preview of 31st Aug 2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Deadly Women Full Episode On Investigation Discovery TV 31st Aug 2012 English Drama Serial.Watch Deadly Women Investigation Discovery Video online Free, Deadly Women Series Download Free Investigation Discovery On 31st Aug 2012 Online Tv Live Streaming It was originally a mini-series consisting of three episodes: "Obsession," "Greed" and "Revenge". After a 2 year hiatus, the show resumed production in 2008 and began airing on the Investigation Discovery channel as a regularly-scheduled series.The 2008-present TV series is produced in Australia by Beyond International.Each episode deals with three stories (four in each of the three the mini-series episodes) centered around the theme of each episode, through re-enactments,The stories are narrated by Lynnanne Zager (Marsha Crenshaw in the mini-series). Surviving family and friends of the deceased (and of the killers' family and friends, occasionally), reporters and authors who dealt with the story, and the law enforcement officials involved (police, district attorneys) augment the narration. Subject-matter experts (SMEs), such as former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong and former Hennepin County (Minnesota) Medical Examiner Janis Amatuzio,add perspective to each story from their areas of expertise.Each of the three original episodes covered the cases of four women or groups of women who were united by the central theme of the episode......These women burn madly with jealousy. An anger so deep they'll kill to satisfy it. What makes them turn from "green with envy" to "lethal with jealousy"? Find out as we explore their Hearts of Darkness.....Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge. Deadly Women fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history's most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions.....Watch Deadly Women Episode 3 Of Season 6 Titled Insatiable Greed And Enjoy.

Episode Summary:
A discussion of women who value money over love.

Main Cast And Crew
Meg MacIntosh, Yvette Maas and Pip Moore
Narrated by: Marsha Crenshaw (mini-series)
Lynnanne Zager (TV series)
Episode Air Date: Friday 31st Aug 2012
9:00 PM On Investigation Discovery Network
Release date: 9 October 2008 (USA)
Genre: Documentary, Crime, Mystery
Production Co: Beyond International
Country: USA, Australia
Language: English