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Project Runway US Season 10, Episode 3 Welcome Back (or not) to the Runway Watch Free Online

Series Genl Info: Project Runway is an American reality television series on Lifetime Television, which focuses on fashion design and is hosted by model Heidi Klum.Watch Video Online Project Runway US Season 10, Episode 3 On 2nd Aug Youtube Free live stream Online VIDEO Lifetime Network Watch Episode Welcome Back (or not) to the Runway  For Free Trailer and Preview of 2nd Aug2012 Cast Crew Pictures and Wallpapers.Online Watch Project Runway US Lifetime Network Video online Free, Project Runway US Online Tv Live Streaming. The contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes and are restricted in time, materials and theme.Their designs are judged, and one or more designers are eliminated each week. On July 4, 2006 the show's producers, Weinstein Company, announced a five-year deal that would relocate the show to Lifetime Television, beginning with Season 6. In response, NBC Universal filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Company for violating its contract rights. A September 2008 court decision granted NBCU's request for an injunction, preventing Lifetime from promoting or exhibiting "Runway" until further notice. On April 1, 2009, the lawsuit between Weinstein Co. and NBC Universal was settled, with Weinstein agreeing to pay NBC an undisclosed sum for the right to move the show to Lifetime. Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are also coming back to the hit TV series.......

Series Summary:
Heidi Klum hosts a reality series where aspiring fashion designers compete for a chance to break into the industry. Each week, a designer is eliminated from the competition after exhibiting their work in front of a judges' panel.

Episode Summary:
The clothiers spin out designs for the Emmy Awards, with former contestants returning to serve as their clients.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia
Creator: Eli Holzman
Episode Air Date: Thursday 2nd Aug 2012
9:00 PM On Lifetime Network
Release date: 1 December 2004 (USA)
Genre: Reality-TV, Fashion/Make-up
Production Co: Bravo Cable,
Bunim-Murray Productions (BMP), Full Picture
Country: USA
Language: English
Also Known As: Project Runway 2
Filming Locations: New York City, New York, USA

The Top:

Ven’s dress is very graphically interesting… as he points out… about his own piece. He seems to love roses as it’s the same motif he used last challenge. The judges never address the fact that the back of his dress looks a bit like a throwaway, though.

Sonjia’s sea glass/aquatic look is playful, clever and beautiful from all angles. As Michael Kors points out, it’s very difficult to incorporate so many colors and textures of candy into something cohesive but she accomplishes this with her piece.

Gunnar’s peplum dress has some obvious flaws and doesn’t fit well but the checkering is clever enough. That being said, Raul’s dress should’ve been in the top. Raul’s back is so surprising and I wish we’d gotten a better look. Dmitry’s halter dress could have also been up there although it looked a bit like an ice skating costume.

The Bottom:

Buffi’s look brings about the second “Toddler’s & Tiaras” reference of the season. Do they have a deal? Michael Kors says it best about the model: She doesn’t look fun, she looks insane. All the same, Buffi is a great listener and her cast mates seem to adore her.

At this point, Elena’s dress is just muslin since all of the Twizzlers have fallen off. It looks like the models were feeding off of her while waiting to go back on the runway. She doesn’t take criticism well, but she sure knows how to take the joy out of candy.

Lantie has the same problems as last challenge because she doesn’t transform the fabric at all and relies on poorly done embellishments. Not to mention, she barely followed the challenge at all. Nina doesn’t like Lantie’s excuses. Nina means business. Lantie’s gotta go.

Winner: Not so surprisingly, Ven wins with his pastel candy couture. I think that Sonjia should have taken this one because she embraced the challenge more and her dress looked great from every angle.

Auf’d: It’s a good thing Lantie gets sent home because she doesn’t seem to understand what the show is about: meeting challenges, working within time constraints and listening to constructive criticism. Hasta la vista, Lantie.

One final thought: it’s interesting that one of the top competitors (Ven) is maybe the least charismatic character on television (barring Eeyore). We’ll see how this plays out in judging as the season goes on…

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