Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Movie Story Review Cast and Crew Online Watch Online

Movie Genl Info: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an upcoming American film adaptation of the epistolary novel of the same name. Directed by the novel's author, Stephen Chbosky, filming started around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on May 9 and ended on June 29, 2011.The film was previously scheduled to be released on September 14, 2012, but it was announced in August 2012 that it is now being released a week later on September 21, 2012.Mr. Mudd Productions (producers of Juno) sought to hire Stephen Chbosky - author of the novel - to adapt the film. The producers - John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon, and Russell Smith - then hired Chbosky to write an adapted screenplay and to direct the film. In May 2010, actors Logan Lerman and Emma Watson were reported to be in talks for the film.In January 2011, Summit acquired distribution rights.In the following February, Lerman and Watson were confirmed as Charlie and Sam.In the same month, Summit sought a buyer for the project at the European Film Market held simultaneously with the Berlin International Film Festival.....While I don't think this movie, director Stephen Chbosky's adaptation of his best-selling novel, is likely launch a franchise or become a global brand with its own clothing line and signature fragrance, there is a certain breathless anticipation for its release. What seemed to resonate most with fans of Chbosky's novel was the story's structure, a series of letters penned to an ambiguously defined recipient as the wallflower Charlie navigates both the familiar (the mechanics of high school) and the intimate (his grief over his best friend's suicide). Respectfully skipping over star Logan Lerman, our interest thus far is honed on Ezra Miller, who here plays one of Charlie's senior-year mentors; what a way to follow up We Need to Talk About Kevin....An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.....The film went under appeal for a PG-13 rating upon its originally given R rating for "teen drug and alcohol use, and some sexual references"; the appeals board changed it to a PG-13 for "mature thematic material, drug and alcohol use, sexual content including references, and a fight - all involving teens".

Based on the novel written by Stephen Chbosky, this is about 15-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman), an endearing and naive outsider, coping with first love (Emma Watson), the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. The introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors, Sam and Patrick, who welcome him to the real world.

Main Cast And Crew
Stars: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd
Director & Writer: Stephen Chbosky
Produced by: John Malkovich, Russell Smith, Lianne Halfon
Genres: Drama, Romance
Running time:103 min 
Release Date: 21 September 2012 (USA) 
Music by: Michael Brook
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn
Editing by: Yana Gorskaya, Mary Jo Markey
Studio: Mr. Mudd
Distributed by: Summit Entertainment
Production Co: Summit Entertainment, Mr. Mudd
Language: English
Also Known As: As Vantagens de Ser Invisível
Filming Locations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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